Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer: The season of Go books.

Last summer I went to London and got to visit several gaming stores who carried go books. This year I won't leave the country, but I've certainly managed to aquire even more go books this time around.

From left to right: Nie Weiping on Go, Direction of Play, Think like a Pro: Haengma, Art of Go series volume 1: The Art of Connecting Stones, Making Good Shape, Come up To Shodan, One Thousand and One Life-and-Death Problems, 800 Tesuji problems and Cho Hunhyun's Kifu Collection 1988 - 96.

So far what I've spent the most time on and enjoyed the most is the kifu collection. It's great meditation for me playing out games on my goban. I'm not too worried about learning from this experience. I've come to a point where I'm most concerned with enjoying the time I put into go, and the fact that I average a game a week reflect that although I am obsessed with go, I'm not particularily obsessed with improving. Go has become sort of an esquisite spectator sport. :)

The two most interesting books of the bunch are Making Good Shape and Think like a Pro: Haengma. They really are treasure troves of ideas and show you how to think in purposeful sequences. The Haengma book uses examples from pro games and considering how sometimes the pros use the wrong haengma it's safe to say it's an advanced book. I would think dan players have the most to benefit from this book but kyu players will certainly admire and enjoy the contents as well.

The only slight disappointment in the bunch is 1001 life and death problems. The problems were a bit easier than I hoped but I suspect that is the point. Quantity solved and lots of repetition! Maybe I'll get around to that :) Now it's just so warm it's hard to be dedicated to anything.


ChiyoDad said...

Good to see a post from you again. I had been curious about the haengma book myself but I think I will postpone buying it for a longer while now.

O_Scientist said...


You are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, replaying games on goban is very enjoyable, I agree. It makes me feel connected to history.


Let's Go said...

Dude, we've got the same Go bowls O_o

Can you give an exact adress of where the gameshop is that has those books?

Gilgamesh said...

I love the bowls hehe :) I got the books from