Thursday, August 11, 2005

Last night coming home from the club, I checked my mail before going in and found a packet from the wonderful woman who owns the Shodan Challenge blog. My very own copy of Lessons in the Fundamantals! She is too sweet, and I am very grateful. I borrowed it from a friend for a week or so, but I have in no way studied it to the depth I wish.
Been peeking in it off and on today. Thanks Nanny!

Also got the books I ordered a couple of days ago. I am a very happy camper.


O_Scientist said...

Glad it arrived safely. I hope it will make you at least a few stones stronger. But not so strong that you will win the games we are playing now :-)


Gilgamesh said...

weeeell, I think I'll manage to row the 7hc game to land at least :P