Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Yesterday I played two games. First game was pretty aimless and I lost by 22 points due to letting an invasion out in to the open, and letting my opponent close off his/her moyo too easily. Played decent shape and it wasn't too horrible, but my timing wasn't really any good and the fourstar opening got the better of me. I decided to play again. And I was calm and had no expectations to the match. I decided that I would stop and think and play according to theory I had been reading on earlier (was reading Utilizing Outward Influence, chapter 3: Strong Players Seize Control of the Center)

So I made a less than ideal pincer. After this point I stopped and thought about the problems I had looked at earlier. Direction of play. Building thickness.

Here I got a a bit of freebie sente when he closed the ko as soon as I ataried. Naturally I wanted to cap off the top so that I could call it my moyo.

Here his desire to make a base/ensure life was very beneficial to me. He got a large corner, but what I was getting in return wasn't even in proportion. So I went to approach his corner at 35, and the reply was exactly what I hoped, yet not at all what I expected. I was sure that he would give me a loose pincer and try to force the corner upon me and make a position in the middle to try to get some center influence for himself. I jump to 37 and I am content. He extendes to 38 and I cap him wishing to perform a standard moyo erasing sequence. Not 100% happy with this sequence, but as the followup goes, it worked once again too perfect.

The invasion came where I expected, and I gave him every point he asked for. I was more than happy to.

The game continued on for another 140 moves or so, and the exact outcome isn't important.

It was a bitter-sweet game, since it became close to the perfect game for me. I love moyos. If black I usually play shimari corner, extend to the side and hope timing is right to make that box shaped moyo by a one-space jump from that extension. But in this game I felt that I was being helped along every step of the way. I see flaws in my plays.. big ones, but instead of being exploited I was helped to cover them up. I will try to remember this, and the most important part to remember is that I should never be expected to get this kind of help again. What was pleasant about this game was that I was relaxed, calm and reflective throughout it.


O_Scientist said...

Nice game! I love it when my opponent helps me to get what I want. It just doesn't happen often enough :-p

BTW, that upper right corner could have been killed later in the game. Not that you needed the points, but I just couldn't help noticing it.

Gilgamesh said...

Hm.. the pincer at 7 should be a narrower in retrospect. or I should've crawled one space further before trying to contain white.. *ponders*