Friday, July 01, 2005

"Do not pride yourself on victory, do not complain about defeat. A junzi is modest and generous; it is typical of vulgar persons to give way to irascible and furious expressions. It is good for the best players not to exalt themselves and for beginners to have no fear. Be calm and breathe regularly. If you do this, your battle is already half won, while if your face reveals your disturbance, you are already losing. No shame is worse than that due to change of feelings, no action is more base than to cheat others.
[...] When the pieces are counted [at the end of the game], do not worry
about knowing the real extent of [your] victory." - Qijing Shisanpian, ch. 13, in WANG RUNAN (ed.), op. cit., p. 19.

Beautiful. I shall try to embrace this fully. Nothing to fear. There is no pride in winning and there is no shame losing. All I want is to improve myself. Know when to fight, and when to avoid fighting. I shall try to be more balanced when it comes to go. It will be hard, but I will work with myself until there is no anxiety, no fear and no negative emotions tied to this game.


Tiggy said...

Good luck with that!

I know you can do it ;)

*squishy hugs*

Nick said...

Wow ... I love that blog entry. I got goose bumps, when I first read it :-)