Thursday, June 23, 2005

So.. The books I got in London.

First day I bought the board and the book Intermediate level power builder. It's a chatty book, kinda classroom setting where students suggest a move, and the teacher explains what's wrong with it and what to really do. Not bad. Reason I bought it was mostly due to it was one of the few from that store I wanted.. Was afraid I wouldn't get any other books. All in all though, it is fairly decent. The day after I came back and bought Essential Joseki by Naiwei Rui. I like it. More comprehensive than 38 joseki and more beginner friendly than the big dictionaries. This was Village Games, in Camden Lock.

Then a couple of days later I found Chess and Bridge. Picked up Get strong at Invading (loving it), Get strong at tesuji (also good) and The Endgame by Davies (which looks interesting so far).

Later that day when we went to the Brittish Museum, we saw a store called Playing Games (which I knew about, since I had read about it at the Brittish Go organisation's list of suppliers) and there my girlfriend and brother decided to get me the bowls as an early birthday present. I picked up Reducing Territorial Frameworks and Utilizing Outward Influence (probably good, but a bit tricky atm.. might just need to work with it longer than a couple of minutes at the time).

So. Intermediate Level Power Builder, Essential Joseki, Get strong at Invading/Tesuji, Endgame, Reducing Territorial Frameworks and Utilizing Outward Influence. Will write about them as I've read them to some extent.

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