Tuesday, June 28, 2005

so I've been reading Get strong at invading. I must say the play is elegant, and it has helped me understand better how invasions work. What I do expect tho, is that I will need alot of experimentation and that my play will probably even decline for a period. Hardest part for me is to prep for invasions without it being so painstakingly obvious that my opponent closes all gaps. Maybe I should make an account to just drill through alot of games and get it into my fingers. Won't do me much good at OroBaduk, since I only get games with 4kyus, 3dans and 6dans there :P

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O_Scientist said...

Oh, I don't have that Get Strong book yet, but it sounds good. So many books, so little time :-p

Looking forward to seeing you invade everything in sight! :-)