Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hi.. I have been a Livejournal user for many years now.. At least 5. And I've probably made about 5 posts during those years.. but a couple of days ago I stumbled over and realized that if I blogged about something I am passionate about, I would actually write. So here it is.

I learned the rules a couple of years ago. But I didn't play much (due to something Nachtrabe talks about in his blog at senseis, we call The Fear of Playing Go) not due to the fear of losing, or any silly thing like that.. but just fear of playing in general. Still a bit haunted by it, and my progress is slow due to it. I did pick up go again january this year. Thanks to a friend of mine who is dragging me along in his slipstream. Fiercely competitive and at the time slightly stronger than me. This is good. I would not be playing if not for him. My KGS rank says 16 now, but I do believe 15 or maybe even 14 (on a good day) is more appropriate. So instead of learning from experience, I have become obsessive about theory. I love it. Joseki and shape are two things I particularily fancy. Not saying I'm good at either, but I am pleased whenever I make a good sabaki play, or I get to use a fun joseki variation.

Ok. Introductions have been made.. I am Gilgamesh on KGS. Pleased to meet you.

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